The Future in our Hands (August 2018)

We are used to hearing it said that together we are members of Christ’s body, the Church.  But how many of us think that we really are important for the future of the Church?  How many of us believe that what we do (or think, or say) has any bearing on what the Church will be like in years to come, or for future generations?  Thinking of the future, what do you see the Church as being like?  Or more specifically, what do you envisage Holy Trinity Blacon as being like?

In 25 years’ time, will the church still be here?  Will the building still be here on Norris Road, but perhaps as a museum piece, or some kind of community facility, with nobody worshipping in it?  Or will Holy Trinity be a thriving Christian community attended by many hundreds from Blacon, and known as a place where people come to faith in Jesus, and live out their faith in a lively and life-changing way?  Two very contrasting images of a potential future for Holy Trinity, and either is quite possible.  Who will determine which of those two potential futures will come about? 

The reality is, it is not what the Rector thinks or says or does on her own that will determine which of those two come about for this church.  It is down to YOU.  It is the members of the church, their faithfulness, their prayers, their worship, their life of witness that determines what direction a church takes.  What YOU do as a church membership today writes the history of Holy Trinity Blacon for the future.  If the church membership really wants the church to grow, and what you do and pray for, is for the church to grow, then the church will grow (it certainly won’t if there is not a desire, or if no growth is prayed for or worked for).

The PCC really want Holy Trinity to grow.  We have been delighted with the alterations made to the church building, which are now complete.  But we recognise that our prayers, our worship, our life together as Christians in this place are also in need of a bit of ‘refurbishment’.  In the building, simply sanding the floor and painting the walls has made a huge difference in itself.  In a similar way for ourselves, in our spiritual lives.  Many of us perhaps need a bit of sprucing-up in our walk with God, in our prayer life, in our habit of Bible readings, in our knowledge and love of God.

This will be part of the focus of our vision-building day on Saturday 22nd September which PCC is inviting the wider church membership to join us for.  We will be meeting in church (please arrive about 9am for a 10am start), and we will be led in our deliberations on the day by Rev David O’Brien, a vicar from Shrewsbury (he will also be preaching at our 10am worship on Sunday 23rd). The future of this church is in your hands, so please do plan to come and take part in that important day of planning. 

Another way you can be part of the future of this church is by including it in your prayers.  In recent weeks, we have used the following prayer at our Sunday worship – please do include it in your own devotions too:

God of Mission,
who alone brings growth
to your Church.
Send your Holy Spirit
to give vision to our planning,
wisdom to our actions, and power to our witness.
Help our church to grow in numbers, in spiritual commitment to you,
and in service to our local community,
through Jesus Christ our Lord,

Tina Upton


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