Most of us enjoy a good celebration, and a birthday is always a good excuse for such a celebration.  We recently held a 5th birthday party for the Community Outreach Project. It was in October 2013 that Sue Mountford first began with us as Outreach Worker, and in the November of that year the Meeting Place café started, with four people attending the first session held in the church hall.  Five years on, and about 100 people attended the celebration event on Monday 12th November. 

Part of the celebration included displays of the various things that have happened, and a timeline of key moments over the subsequent 5 years, which helped us to appreciate how busy we have been.  Many of those activities have continued regularly since, for example:

We are very grateful to our wonderful Outreach workers, Sue, John (and previously Ed) and also all the many volunteers who have helped to make the project such a success over all these years.  But most thanks and praise are due to God who made the whole thing possible.  He has provided for it, in terms of finances, person-power, energy and inspiration.  Without God behind the project, it would never have grown as it has done.  We serve a God who is giving, who is outward focussed. He is the Master of reaching out, of connecting with people in community.  He is the source of all the love and care and peace we seek to bring to people’s lives.  To Him be all the glory! 

Tina Upton


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